The @mimecast email management app for @windowsphone and Android has gone live #wp7 #android

A while back I reported that the email management company, Mimecast were developing an app for Windows Phone 7 and Android and that the beta was starting soon.

Well they decided to skip the beta and publish it straight to marketplace, and having used the Windows Phone version I can say it is very good.

The app takes advantage of the Metro UI that is synonymous with Windows Phone (and soon, Windows 8) and from what I’ve used with it so far is very well done indeed and perfect for quickly accessing your business emails when out of the office. Of course, your business must first use mimecast, but if they do then this app is essential.

It’s also good to see proper business oriented apps appearing on Windows Phone and particularly at the same time they are appearing on Android.

You can download the app for free from the Windows Phone marketplace.

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